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Moral theology book 1 theologia moralis english edition. The moral theology of saint alphonsus liguori 9780764802331 by theodule reymermet. The first volume contains books 1 3, covering conscience, then law, followed by sin, and then the theological virtues. Alphonsus was renown for his teachings in moral theology. Alphonsus, as a missionary, considered its eradication to be an apostolic priority. An english translation in five volumes is included in the 22 volumes of the american centenary edition of st. Additionally, it contains several treatises on the saint on the use of equally probable opinion, the papacy, invincible ignorance and more. Alphonsus goes, we have labored on his moral theology, a multivolume work that began as a commentary on another author and increased. Alphonsus liguori, founder of the redemptorists, was canonized in 1839, he was declared a doctor of the church on this day, march 23 in 1871 by pope pius ix.

This first ever english translation features books 23 of the theologia moralis, on sin and the theological virtues. Alphonsus liguoris moral theology has long been praised and held in the highest regard by the church. Wodka patristic and historical part patristic section divine providence and moral life in the greek tradition up to basil the great b. This article addresses the lacuna of alphonsian moral theology and spirituality in the modern theological discussion of marriage. Moral theology book 1 theologia moralis kindle edition by. Aug 1, 2019 explore jcsgs11s board doctor of moral theology. Alphonsus liguori one of the greatest master teachers of the catholic church. Alphonsus declared a doctor of the church 149 years. It happened, not without the most provident counsel of god almighty, that since the doctrine of the jansenist innovators turned all eyes to themselves, enticing many. Alphonsus s moral theology to recommend for a class bibliography, however this isnt it. Alphonsus liguoris theologia moralis or moral theology.

Alphonsus is clearly a master of synthesizing the various moral authors throughout time. This first ever english translation features books of the theologia moralis, on conscience, law, sin and the theological virtues. Moral theology of the church of rome internet archive. Alphonsus liguoris moral theology has long been praised and held in the highest regard by the church, covering every moral question of his day. Alphonsus liguori the arthritis saint feast day august 1 alphonsus greatest contribution to the church was in the area of moral theological reflection. I found this short work to be an uneven attempt at describing the moral system of st. Full text of moral theology a complete course based on st. Reliable information about the coronavirus covid19 is available from the world health organization current situation, international travel.

There are many editions of the saint s moral theology. His writings on moral, theological, and ascetic matters had great impact and have survived through the years, especially his moral theology and his glories of mary. The distinction between natural and supernatural theology rests on a solid foundation. Alphonsus liguori theologia moralis mediatrix press. At the level of personal character, there is evidence that alphonsus was bothered by. The book is a faithful and pastoral translation of saint alphonsus work. The fate of the moral manual since saint alphonsus. He was buried at the monastery of the pagani near naples. Natural theology is the science of god himself, in as far as the human mind can by its own efforts reach a definite conclusion about god and his nature. Saint alphonsus ligouri, is the founderof the redemptorist order, bishop, and doctor of the church. Moral theology, christian theological discipline concerned with identifying and elucidating the principles that determine the quality of human behaviour in the light of christian revelation.

Alphonsus the human conscience was of lifelong interest to saint alphonsus liguori, who conveys his thoughts on the subject in the first treatise of his theologia moralis. In 1762 he was appointed bishop of santagata dei goti. Raphael gallagher, cssr, was a finalist in the theology category. It is distinguished from the philosophical discipline of ethics, which relies upon the authority of reason. Especially in his main work entitled moral theology, st alphonsus proposed a balanced and convincing synthesis of the requirements of gods. Alphonsus liguoris time, the effects of jansenism in theology, rigorous morality in preaching, and sacramental practice left a substantial legacy of guiltinduced scrupulosity. Alphonsus liguoris theologia moralis or moral theology forgery exposed free ebook download as open office file. Numerous and frequentlyupdated resource results are available from this search. This work is not to be confused with theologia moralis universa ad mentem s.

See more ideas about theology, catholic, catholic saints. Alphonsus comes highly recommended by the catholic tradition bl. Christopher west is lying about saint alphonsus liguori. Oclcs webjunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus. The simplicity of his teachings coupled with his comprehensive knowledge of theology makes st. Moral theology is a branch of theology, the science of god and divine things. Index page the writings of saint alphonsus liguori. His work in this area came about through his pastoral experience, his ability to respond to the practical questions posed by the faithful and from his contact with their everyday problems. His work, bringing together the commentary of the moral theologians of his day, holds the middle ground between rigorism and laxism. Moral theology theologia moralis volume 1 liguori cssr, st. Moral theology, history of 700 to vatican council i this article deals with the history of moral theology from the end of the patristic period down to the beginning of the modern era. In the course of the nine editions published during the saint s lifetime the title page changed to moral theology of the most ill.

His glories of mary is one of the great works on that subject, and his book visits to the blessed sacrament went through 40 editions in his lifetime, greatly influencing the practice of this devotion in the church. Alphonsus liguori let each one, kneeling before the high altar, make an act of contrition, and form the intention of gaining the indulgences connected to this devotion, whether for himself or for the souls in purgatory. I was looking for a english language introduction to st. Alphonsus is best known for his moral theology, but he also wrote well in the field of spiritual and dogmatic theology. For todays moral theologians and spiritual thinkers, his interpretation of the balance between law and liberty, authority and reason, force and conscience, and grace and free will are a blueprint for many of our current ideas about morality. Raphael also provides commentaries on each chapter that place the work in context and make the 18thcentury text relevant for today. Thomas who was known for his synthesis of theology in general, st. Writings from moral theology by saint alphonsus by fr. It is the fault of too many textbooks on moral theology to stress controversies, cite.

Alphonsus was a true scholar by mastering virtually all contributors in the field of moral theology up to his own time. Agatha of the goths and rector major of the congregation of the most holy redeemer, 67. Moral theology is a ninevolume work concerning catholic moral theology written between 1748 and 1785 by saint alphonsus liguori, a catholic theologian. Moral theology, history of 700 to vatican council i. No other theological treatise have i ever read contains the amount of powerful and voluminous references to fellow doctors of the church as the practice of the love of jesus. Writings from moral theology by saint alphonsus raphael gallagher cssr translator isbn 9780764828140 liguori, missouri 2019. Moral theology also known as the theologia moralis is a ninevolume work concerning catholic moral theology written between 1748 and 1785 by saint alphonsus liguori, a catholic theologian and doctor of the church. In 1871, alphonsus was declared a doctor of the church by pope pius ix. Liguori publications is proud to announce the publication of conscience. The demise of the manual tradition, which brought a renaissance of scripture as the heart of moral theolgoy, has also. Alphonsus instructed confessors to be gentle and compassionate with their penitents, to manifest the merciful love of christ in their mildness of manner, and in their willingness to dispense absolution for sin, even in response to the imperfect contrition of many of their penitents. Source for information on moral theology, history of 700 to vatican council i. Alphonsi, a 19th century treatise by pietro scavini written in the philosophical tradition of alphonsus.

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