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Keeping a spearfishing log is one of the best things you can do. Ultimate spearfishing home your one stop resource for. The best way to get started spearfishing is to find someone who is willing to help you and has more experience than you do, which if youre a novice, should not be difficult. Dan silveira is a major contributor to deep world wide magazine. Fishing world mackay, diver fins, reel deep charters, edge spear guns by super frog, spearfishing. The series is a compilation of episodes from the original outdoor channel and features elite spearfishing videos from experts around the world. If you learn something here, sign up for our email list and share this page with someone that is. If you enjoy scuba and fishing, then spear fishing is. Spearing magazine has been the top source for spearfishing entertainment, edication, travel and marketing since 2008 distributed world wide. After more than three months that covered 1600 nautical miles of diving, it was time to go home. Read our exciting action packed and inspirational spearfishing and freediving articles dive computers why is a dive computer so important for freediving and spearfishing. Since its dark out, they need a kerosene light to work by.

See more ideas about diving, scuba diving gear and scuba diving. Taken from ultimate spearfishing magazine volume 14. Spearfishing downunder issue 10 by spearfishing downunder. Another article on usm ultimate spearfishing magazine, this time regarding shore entry and how to handle your buoy or float. The top 5 wtf moments caught on video while spearfishing. It was 30 years ago and i was fishing off the rocks at te arai pt and, having just cast a. The speargun hunter series follows sheri daye who is a talented diver, professional spearfisher and marine life expert. I found one of the articles, the ultimate rollergun test online at this link, but you have to register for the site before you can view it. They need the board to measure each fish and the data sheets are where they enter the information, like the kind of fish, the length, and sex. We include the top articles from here at home, as well as, far off lands. Join the spearonation email list and get the pdf 25 spearfishing tips to make you a better. Look for staff that ask lots of questions and offer plenty of tips. Its easy to get complacent in any of lifes endeavours but progression in spearfishing can be earned both in and out of the water.

Jan 14, 2016 the spearfishing magazine devoted to the sport of spearfshing. How you can improved your spearfishing with a polespear in one day. Fueled by numerous online videos and chatter over the web, my curiosity got the better of me and with the help from mjk in qatar, we dived head first into. The view out of the cars window was an ominous one. My main gripe with some of these mags is a lack of objective criticism towards products as most of the copy is bias towards one brand or another especially isfn so it. With so many guns in so many setups it can be difficult to know where to begin. Amphibious outfitters apneautic aqua lung aqua quest publications aquaseal aquatica argos atlas fit aussie reels beco best publishing beuchat big blue aquatic gifts big blue dive lights blade tamer bleu tec blue visions blue water gear bottom crawlers brownies.

Taken from ultimate spearfishing magazine volume 9. Ultimate spearfishing magazine volume 11 spearfishing world. I decided to get back into spearfishing and as i am pushing 55, knew that it was now or never. It will also help you to understand kit specifications, styles and makes. Noob spearo improve your spearfishing podcast blog. The winner will get a one1 year digital subscription to ultimate spearfishing magazine.

Weve got more accessories than you can poke a shaft at. Weve been dedicated to bringing you the freshest news, features, and discussions from around the underwater world since 1996. Also attached is the first page of the other rollergun article from that issue. Here is the link to the 20112012 full text pdf regulations booklet. Dec 10, 2010 the organisers of the 2006 queensland spearfishing titles extend thanks to the following sponsors. Subscribe to the noob spearo podcast the ultimate get started spearfishing guide. How to tie a quick release spearfishing knot ultimate spearfishing. Magazine, one chance to win a one year digital subscription to ultimate spearfishing magazine the path that lead me to spearfishing. We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services. Spearfishing with the spearheads chris coates and timmy. Top 5 wtf moments caught on video spearfishing life.

Join thousands of satisfied visitors who discovered spearfishing shop, hawaiian spearfishing and free fishing magazine. Michele speargun is the seawolfsub mako x2, a 105 cm double roler gun with 2 extreme cameras, a gopro camera and a midland. One magazine, one chance to win a one year digital subscription to ultimate. One chance to win a one year digital subscription to ultimate spearfishing magazine the. Using a float on your guns line allows you to easily locate your spear, even in kelp beds and seaweed, and it helps you retrieve your bold and prey if the fish tries to hide in a hole or crevasse. Cloak rashguard introducing a new species of camouflage, the briny cloak watermans rashguard. This rashguard features an ultra comfortable micro neoflex fabric with cooling properties. If you want to go a step further or simply do not know anyone who is currently into the sport, join a club. This article is a guide to start your spearfishing career. Once youre ready, head on over to our spearfishing shop. If you spend any time on videos on the net or reading spearfishing forums, you would.

With over 1 million print readers per month and the industrys most expansive distribution network, we have emerged as one of the largest outdoor publications in the united states. One of the guys posted a very informative pdf showing how to tie the quick release knot. Spearfishing is regarded as an evil sport for two main reasons. Another great spearfishing video by michele giurgola, an italian freediving champion and spearo, freediving 47 meters deep and landing a 20 kilo cernia, dusky grouper.

For a spearfisherman this is the ultimate frontier of new exploration in search of their next tasty dinner. Fire shall devour them the three corners of the earth the glitch mob we swam. Unfortunately since chris is from durban we capetonians have a few other things to worry about and since i cant log in to the site problem is being sorted out i am going to post a technique that i use here. If you learn something here, sign up for our email list and share this page with someone that is looking. Spearing magazine is you number one source for everything. Spearfishing tanzanian hunting dogtooth tuna out on latham banks off the coast of tanzania and spearfishing deep ledges in the kilwa area. Spearfishing ethics general spearfishing discussion. It attracts large numbers of enthusiasts, the majority of whom are happy to fish for the pleasure of catching their next meal, but there is also the opportunity to fish competitively at local.

When shopping, look for a good range of sizes and brands. Unrolling the roller roller gun test and setup comparison. Memory lane i can still vividly remember the first kingfish i ever laid eyes on. Camo hooded spearfishing rashguard top and long john pants with chest pad combo blue.

Spearfishing basics pdf commonly targeted species for spearfishing in. Speargun well, the first thing you need to go spearfishing read more. A collection of articles about spearfishing, freediving, essential gear and techniques. Getting started to spearing your first fish lewis hobby series at. Spear fishing is unlike anything youve experienced in scuba. The other is spearfishing downunder which despite the more relaxed title is a far glossier publication, traditional magazine format along with solid stories and howtos. From antifog to easy loading systems weve got the best range of quality gear at the right price and advice. Have finally put together the last of our clips from 2017.

Tools used to creel the catches at a spearfishing landing. Digital subscriptions get a pdf version of the printed magazine. Spearing magazine subscribe to the best spearfishing magazine in the world. Nautilus spearfishing shop 348 sw 57th ave miami, fl. Snap yak attack forget the boat, donovan gibbs has found a new weapon for landing big moochers. Generally speaking people can cope with small fish or fishes dying massively of asphixia, but they see as a diabolic, sadistic practice feeding some steel to a big fish. For this article, we break down the process into four easy steps, and once you are finished. Insider secrets of spearfishing for beginners to diehard spearos spearfishing and freediving book 1 ebook. Mar 01, 2018 coastal angler magazine and our interior freshwater publication, the angler magazine, are monthly editions dedicated to fishing, boating, and outdoor enthusiasts. Spearguns archives page 2 of 5 nautilus spearfishing. If you havent been keeping up with the sport, it has really taken off in the past few years and competitions are popping up all over the place. Our useful spearfishing kit guide aims to inform the beginner and novice spearo of what youll need for a safe and successful dive. I always call and ask about the items i buy before i buy them online and i know that at scubas world im going to get an experienced diver who has likely used the very equipment im asking about. Chris coatess indepth roller gun article published in the ultimate spearfishing magazine about 18 months ago i was introduced to the crazy and complicated concept of the roller gun.

A guide to spearfishing spearfishing is a popular and well established sport worldwide. From frog giggin as a child to world spearfishing team champion and world record wahoo. Houses were already boarded up, boats hauled out, and a sense of frantic preparation was in the air. With each issue, blog entry or post, spearing magazine leads the way in all forms of freedive spearfishing media. Super storm irma was just 4 days away and currently it was pointed right at the southern bahamas. You can view it on your computer or device that supports pdf. Spearing magazine article and cover shot 17 headhunter. See more ideas about magazine, king mackerel and 750 words. Features fullscreen sharing embed analytics article stories visual stories seo. Coastal angler magazine and our interior freshwater publication, the angler magazine, are monthly editions dedicated to fishing, boating, and outdoor enthusiasts. After the drawing i will email the winner and announce them in a follow up post. Jun 21, 2016 buy freediving and spearfishing gear from people that do it. Fijis volivoli resort from the air a foretaste of living in heaven.

Spear fishing on a shipwreck is an exciting change from open water diving or spearing. This blog is free for my readers and so is access to spearfishing school during the beta stage. Deep worldwide magazine dan silveira spearfishing is not a. Welcome to the ultimate spearfishing magazine, that is the breathless. A lot of time has gone into this so please give us a thumbs up if you enjoy it.

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